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Our Founder ANDY FRYAR is an engaging and dynamic speaker and trainer, who works regularly at conferences and seminars right around Australia as well as internationally. He has trained in the USA, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, NZ, India, Singapore, Canada, and England – where he is a regular visitor.

He has also visited with volunteer involving agencies and examined volunteering practices in all of the above countries, as well as South Africa and Hong Kong.

Andy’s training sessions are practical, thought provoking and challenging and his quick wit, humour and down-to-earth style make his sessions an enjoyable experience.

In 2004 Andy became the first person from the southern hemisphere to be invited to join the Faculty of the prestigious Institute of Advanced Volunteer Management in the UK.

He is also a Faculty member and co-founder of the annual Australian Retreat of Advanced Volunteer Management

Not only do we hold a deep passion for the field of volunteer program management, we also appreciate that through our daily work with leaders in the international volunteerism community – we are well positioned to share a wide range of experiences with volunteer management professionals everywhere

We are happy to work with groups of all sizes – from individual volunteer managers to volunteer management networks to large conferences.

Session lengths can be varied to suit your needs, and at OzVPM, we are happy to tailor training to meet your specific circumstances. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Here’s just a small selection of workshops we can run for you:

Turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet!

Probably our most popular workshop. In 2004, OzVPM Director Andy Fryar and two English colleagues created an e-book titled ‘Turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet’. A 2nd edition was published in 2007. In this workshop Andy will share the lessons learnt from the tri-continental project and discuss some challenging truths about the willingness of volunteer managers to give back to their profession


So just what is ‘advanced’ anyway?

What does it mean to be working at an ‘advanced’ level in volunteer program management? What are the traits and qualities a volunteer manager should exhibit to be considered ahead of the field? Let Andy walk you through the characteristics and see how you compare!


Positioning the Profession

Has the role of the volunteer manager morphed into something we no longer recognize? Is it time for a re-think on what our core activities should be? How do we best position ourselves to have others understand what it is that we truly do in our work as VM’s? Let Andy guide you through these and other questions as we look at the future of volunteer management


Turning Bad News into Brand New Energy!

This workshop examines our responsibilities as volunteer management professionals to the well being and care of volunteers experiencing difficult times. What are our ethical and moralduties and what is the long term pay off for programs that do this well?


Trends and Issues in Volunteer Management Today

No longer can we recruit volunteers simply by testing to see if they have a pulse. Today’s volunteer management and recruitment environment is one intrinsically entwined with all the leaglities which the ‘real world’ imposes on us. As a result it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends in the field. Through his daily international interaction with leaders in the volunteerism field, his work with e-volunteerism and his many travels, Andy is ideally positioned to take you on a journey of all things current


My Boomerang won’t come back!

Behind every problem there’s a perception or false assumption at play! This interactive workshop will examine the role that perception plays in effective volunteer program management


From Obsession to Profession

Where have we come from and where are we going as a profession? This workshop, developed with Martin J Cowling, will take you on a 40 year journey of volunteer management, from the past to the future. It will also challenge participants to think about what role they might play in where we are heading as a sector


Manage your time ~ Retain your sanity!

A lack of time is often cited as the number one reason VPM’s don’t network more or progress as much as they’d like in the development of their programs. This workshop looks at effective time management strategies specifically from the perspective of a volunteer manager





 Coping Skills for Volunteer Managers

The requirements placed on volunteer managers grows every day, but often the support mechanisms do not exist to help them cope. In this interactive workshop, Andy will walk VPMs through some key tips to not only survive – but to flourish


Optional Database Demonstrations

If you are having Andy present a workshop for you, speak to him also about presenting your group with a free demonstration of the Better Impact volunteer management software as an added bonus of your workshop event

…and much more


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Please contact us to discuss your specific needs


Our Training Rates

Half day training rate = $ AU495

Full day training rate = $ AU990

All rates listed are in AU$ and are inclusive of GST

Rates quoted are our standard rates but we are always happy to negotaite should you have special circumstances