BOOK REVIEW: What We Learned (the Hard Way) about Supervising Volunteers: An Action Guide to Making Your Job Easier

Andy Fryar March 10, 2012 0
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Packed with the advice, wisdom, and experience of over 85 real-life, on-the-job supervisors of volunteers, this guide offers a crystal clear analysis of what works and what doesn’t in supervision. It also includes comments from volunteers about what they need from those who supervise them, as well as excerpts from classic articles and books by experts in the field and a self-assessment survey covering the attitudes and actions necessary to be an effective supervisor.

Energize, the publishers of this book,and OzVPM have always been aware that the hands-on experiences of individual volunteer administrators are rich with ideas and tips that can inspire others in the field. Supervising Volunteers is the first book in Energize’s Collective Wisdom Series which attempts to facilitate the sharing of this valuable material.

Happily the trend of late in books about volunteer resource management has been toward the practical and “real world” approach, and this new book from Energize is one of the best examples to date.”

“The most significant aspect of this and other research the authors did is that this advice is tried and true — no ‘shoulds’, only ‘does’ when it comes to what works.”

“Get this book, learn from your colleagues, and you will shine as an effective catalyst in ensuring your community and your organisation will work together in harmony.

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