Electronic Discussion Groups

 A number of electronic discussion groups or online communities to support the work of volunteers exist globally.

Listed below are just a few:

OzVPM Newsgroup – The OzVPM news group is the largest online community dedicated to volunteerism in the Australasian region. Established in 2002 and boasting more than 600 members, you really should join today!

UKVPM’s –  Founded in 1999 by leading UK volunteerism expert Rob Jackson, UKVPM’s continues to be a lively online community for a wide range of debate on volunteerism issues across the UK and Europe, and more broadly. With nearly 1500 members, what are you waiting for?

The Better Impact Member Community – Link in with others from around the world and join in with webinars. Gain discounts to resources and connect with leading consultants in the field

CyberVPMis the online volunteer management community for North America. CyberVPM was founded in 2000 and currently boasts some 1300 members